Climate Voices - 29th November 2021

Monday, November 29, 2021 - 12:30 to 15:00

Our planet is heating up, reaching dangerous levels. Polluted air, water and land impacts on every living thing.

Political and business leaders are talking about climate change and campaigners are working hard to influence decisions.

So, how can you help shape decisions and action on climate change?

Join a Climate Voices Event in Kirklees

These events are part of the Global Assembly ( providing an opportunity for communities all over the world to help make fair and effective action on climate change a reality – in the Kirklees area and globally.

How it will work:

  • At each event, small groups will meet in community centres, schools, businesses, charities and homes across Kirklees to talk about climate change. Each group attends only one event.
  • The groups might be teams, clubs, committees, colleagues, friends or neighbours - it is up to you which group you choose. At least five people and not more than twelve in a group works best.
  • We hope groups from all parts of our diverse Kirklees community will take part – all ages, abilities, perspectives, cultures and faiths. Diverse perspectives can create innovative thinking and we know citizens assemblies can produce real solutions. Groups can develop their own action plans too.
  • The groups taking part across Kirklees will link into one big Zoom meeting for a few minutes during the event, so each group can hear from others. Technical help will be available.
  • All the notes and videos from the events will be presented to the Global Assembly and the Kirklees Climate Commission, so small groups voices become part of big decisions.
  • Training will be available for group facilitators who will help groups keep to time, to learn, listen respectfully and share their views and ideas.
  • Facilitators needed for both events – email for more details.

Email: to register and find out more.

Climate Voices is a small group of local people working in partnership with: Kirklees Climate Commission, Zero Carbon Yorkshire, Global Assembly, Third Sector Leaders Kirklees and Kirklees Council.