A Net-Zero Carbon Assessment for Kirklees has been produced by the Place-based Climate Action Network (PCAN) team and other researchers from the University of Leeds, on behalf of Kirklees Climate Commission & Kirklees Council.

The report shows the pathway to net-zero emissions for Kirklees' 2038 climate change target. It illustrates Kirklees' share of the global carbon budget to keep to 1.5°C of warming and show, when, at current rates of emissions, this budget will be used up.

The assessment also sets out cost-effective, more ambitious, and innovative interventions that will help the district reach net-zero by 2038, and demonstrates some of the economic benefits that taking action may deliver.

The report provides a strong evidence base for policies and practices that can limit further climate change. But it is important to note that there is even more that can be done which is not captured within the methodology, such as land-based activities, which will inevitably play a role in a semi-rural borough such as ours. Importantly, the report will help inform and prioritise the workplan of the Kirklees Climate Commission, who have and will continue to do good work in building capacity, knowledge and understanding to drive collaborative and targeted climate action, in all sectors, across Kirklees. This report sets out the scale of the challenge we all face and some of the potential work we can undertake to rise to this.