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Sustainability Resources for the Kirklees Community

Discover a wealth of resources and support for your sustainability journey right here in Kirklees:

  • Julie's Bikes: Tap into Arts Council's funding for your sustainability projects in the arts sector. Visit Julie's Bikes
  • BAFTA Albert: Access free courses on sustainability in the broadcasting industry. Explore BAFTA Albert
  • B-Corp: Find essential information on government initiatives and tools like carbon calculators. Learn more at B-Corp
  • Eco-Schools: Join this program for an annual fee to receive dedicated sustainability support. Join Eco-Schools
  • Department of Education: Explore the sustainability strategy offered by the Department. Department for Education
  • Church of England and Methodist Church: Utilise resources for sustainability initiatives within these communities. Church of EnglandMethodist Church
  • Carbon Disclosure Project: Receive guidance on carbon reporting. Explore Carbon Disclosure Project
  • Global Reporting Initiative (GRI): Use their framework for sustainability reporting. Visit GRI
  • Sustainability Champions Course: Enhance your skills with training at Level 3, and look forward to Level 5. Sustainability Champions
  • New Programme for Green Jobs in Schools: Support the development of green jobs in the education sector.Green jobs
  • UK Investment Bank: Focus on green initiatives in designated areas. UK Investment Bank
  • Groundwork Green DR: Access sustainability support and resources. Visit Groundwork
  • NE Yorkshire Climate Hub: Find resources and guidance for climate action. NE Yorkshire Climate Hub
  • Young Green Briton: Get involved in sustainability initiatives for young people.Volunteers for the Future
  • Energy Heroes: Take part in energy conservation actions. Join Energy Heroes
  • Ashton Awards: Recognise and support sustainability efforts. Ashton Awards
  • Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP): Collaborate between businesses and academic institutions. Discover KTP
  • University of Huddersfield: Utilise resources and support for sustainability. Environment Related Courses and Resources
  • Banks: Some, like NatWest, offer climate hubs and support sustainable practices. Natwest Climate Hub

This list is a starting point for anyone in Kirklees looking to engage in or learn more about sustainability. Whether you're an individual, a business, or an educational institution, there's a resource here for you.

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